Listening practice test 2

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SECTION 1 Questions 1-10
Complete the notes. Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Her first impressions of the town
Example Quiet
Type of accommodation(1)
Her feelings about the accommodation (2
Her feelings about the other students (3)
Name, of course, Environmental Studies Environmental studies
Difficulties experienced on the course(4)
Suggestions for improving the course(5)
The first type of accommodation(6)
Problem with the first accommodation(7)
The second type of accommodation(8)
Name of course(9)
Comments about the course Computer room busyComputer room busy
Suggestions for improving the course(10)

SECTION 2 Questions 11-20
Complete the notes below. Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer

There are many kinds of bicycles available:

  • racing
  • touring
  • (11)
  • ordinary

They vary in price and (12)
Prices range from $50.00 to (13)
Single-speed cycles are suitable for (14)
Three-speed cycles are suitable for (15)
Five and ten-speed cycles are suitable for longer distances, hills and (16)
Ten-speed bikes are better because they are (17) in
price but (18)
Buying a cycle is like (19)
The size of the bicycle is determined by the size of the (20)

SECTION 3 Questions 21-32
Questions 21-24

Questions 25-30
Complete Martin’s notes Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

The commercially grown banana plant
Each banana tree produces (25) of bananas.
On modern plantations in tropical conditions, a tree can bear fruit after (26) 
Banana trees prefer to grow (27) and they require rich soil and (28) The fruit is often protected by(29)
Ripe bananas emit a gas which helps other (30) 

Questions 31 and 32Circle the TWO correct boxes.

Consumption of Australian bananas

A Europe
B Asia
C New Zealand
D Australia
E other

SECTION 4 Questions 33-41

Questions 33-35

Circle the correct answer

Questions 36-39 Complete the notes. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

A balanced diet

A balanced diet will give you enough vitamins for normal daily living. Vitamins in food can be lost through (36)

Types of vitamins:
(a) Fat-soluble vitamins are stored by the body.
(b)) Water-soluble vitamins – not stored, so you need
a (37)
Getting enough vitamins
Eat (38)of foods.
Buy plenty of vegetables and store them in

Questions 40-41

Complete the diagram by writing NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS

milk,lean meat,fish,nuts,eggs
41 bread, vegetables and fruits


  1. student accommodation/hostel
  2. awful food
  3. not friendly//kept to themselves (do notaccept “lonely”)
  4. lecturers (too) busy
  5. regular meetings//meetings withlecturers//fortnightly meetings
  6. family//homestay
  7. lot of noise//children made noise//difficultto study
  8. student house
  9. (Bachelor of) Computing
  10. reserve computer time
  11. mountain
  12. quality
  13. $2,000
  14. short/casual rides
  15. town riding//shopping
  16. serious touring
  17. similar//almost the same
  18. better quality (components)
  19. buying clothes
  20. frame
  21. b
  22. c
  23. d
  24. b
  25. one bunch
  26. 15 mmonths
  27. uphill//on hillsides
  28. lots of/plenty of water
  29. plastic bags
  30. bananas/ones (to) ripen
  31. C
  32. D(in either way)
  33. B
  34. D
  35. C
  36. cooking
  37. (regular) daily intake
  38. (a) variety
  39. the dark//the fridge//a cool place//a darkplace
  40. eat in moderation//not too much
  41. eat lots//eat mosteitherway round

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