Cambridge vocabulary for ielts: Advanced – Download

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Full review and Get Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS pdf and audio in one click:

hello students, welcome in the post series of best IELTS vocabulary book. we have already discussed some of the best IELTS vocabulary book and today’s we are going to talk about, the vocabulary books by Cambridge. The Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS advanced.  

Cambridge Vocabulary for ielts

About Cambridge university press:

Cambridge is a world-famous university and holder of the IELTS exam. As much material related to the IELTS exam is written or published by this university to aid students in the preparation of this exam. so material published by Cambridge university press is always credible and we can trust them blindly.

About the Authors:

The author of this book is Paulin Cullen.  she is a highly experienced English language teacher. she had also taught French and Spanish before English. she is a language researcher and started writing exams for Cambridge University in 1995.

What does this book include?

This book is only for advanced level for students. elementary and intermediate level of students should go through these books first. this book contains high-level English words that help you to achieve 7+ bands in the IELTS exams. This book contains the following things.

  • A CD for practice
  • exercises 
  • total of 25 units
  • Answers to exercises

This book is a large collection of lexical and advanced words. these words are very essential for scoring a high band score in the IELTS exam.
You can also download the audio file that the book contains. with the help of this, you can learn how to pronounce the difficult words. 
exercise is very helpful to practice the words. it will help you to remember the newly learned words and helps you to improve your vocabulary. 
The 25 units contain words related to different topics and this book has covered all the important topics that are vital in the IELTS writing and speaking exams.
you can also find all the answers to the exercise at the end of this book and practice as much as you can. 

How to Get this book?

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