Ielts speaking topics: Describe an article on health that you read

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IELTS speaking topic: describe an article on health that you read.

Here is a model answer for new IELTS speaking topic ” describe an article on health that you read”

Describe an article on health that you read from a newspaper or a magazine or online

• what the article was
• when and where you read it
• what you learned from the article
• Explain why you think it is a good or bad article. 

Well, I am an avid reader. I enjoy reading the newspaper and articles on different topics. My favourite topics are technology and athletics but sometimes I read health-related articles. Here I would surely talk about a health article which I have read recently from the Internet.

Actually, last Sunday I was inspecting Facebook to discover new posts from my friends. I have liked many pages on Facebook which provide helpful knowledge to me. So on that day, I came across a link to a health-related article. This was a Facebook instant article and when I clicked on that link, the whole article opened, immediately in front of me. 

 The title of the article was “How technology can transform health”. This writing was very engaging. When I read the first paragraph I got immersed in it. Apart from that, the article was of reasonable size and it took me about five minutes to read it. 

In this article, the writer clarified the innovation of technology in the health sector.  He explained the use of artificial intelligence in hospitals and how doctors can operate a patient remotely. The author gave an example of remote surgery, which has become possible due to the advent of a 5g network connection.

Moreover, in the last paragraph, the novelist predicts that with the sophistication of technology our control over hazardous diseases will be increased.

So, overall that was an article that I read previously and it was associated with health.

sample answer 2 by kb IELTS

I believe that the habit of reading is one of the best qualities that a person can possess. It is not only useful in getting knowledge about different topics but also ALLEVIATES stress. That being the reason, I try to read different articles from magazine, newspaper and other possible sources. A couple of days ago, I came across an article which was on health issues. It was in the newspaper/ magazine/ internet.

That was a really eye-opening article. It included the reasons why, nowadays, everyone is suffering from different health issues, regardless of age. Gone are the days when the noise of children playing outside of their home was a common thing. In the bygone era, children used to eagerly wait for the evening so that they can play different games with their friends whereas elders loved spending time in the parks in order to take fresh air while walking. Now, technology has replaced everything. Everyone can be seen busy on a mobile phone. Moreover, people have adapted a SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE because of over-dependence on technology.  They don’t like to do physical movements. Even for going to STONE’S THROW AWAY places, individuals use their private vehicles.  

In addition to this, some have become COUCH POTATO. These things negatively impact human health. That’s why even children of a young age become PREY of different diseases. The article even included that today’s youngsters do not have that level of energy which the GREY HAIRED people of previous years had. Consumption of fast food has also skyrocketed which has a detrimental impact on health. That day I realized how bad my lifestyle is. Luckily, the article also included ways in order to be HALE AND HEALTHY. I have started following the ways to save myself from becoming the prey of dangerous diseases. 


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