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Cambridge, English idioms for IELTS in use advanced: download ebook

I am here with a new book, and this is the latest version of English idioms for IELTS in use by Cambridge. This book is beneficial for those students who want to score a good band score in the IELTS speaking exam.

Importance of English idioms for IELTS speaking:

idioms for IELTS are essential in the IELTS speaking exam. It adds life in your pronunciations and can help you to achieve a good band score. Notice that you can only use idioms for IELTS speaking and are forbidden in IELTS writing. You cannot use idioms in IELTS writing. His book includes advance English idioms.

Cambridge English idioms  for IELTS in use, the book includes :

This book contains 60 units of vocabulary reference and practice. Moreover, this book gives you a piece of detailed information about idioms for IELTS. How to use idioms, common metaphors in idioms, how to use idioms accurately, etc. 

This book also includes all types of idioms for IELTS and idioms on different topics. How to use idioms in conversation.

Moreover, This book has 189 pages. the students who want to do self-study then this book is best for them. first, five pages include the content table, introduction, acknowledgement, and how to use this book. the content table covers the following points

  1. Learning about idioms
  2. types of idioms
  3. idioms from the topic area of
  4. idioms to talk about
  5. idioms used in
  6. idioms using these keywords

Apart from that, you can find the answers to the following question in this book

  1. why was English idiom in use written?
  2. how were the idioms in this book selected?
  3. how is the book organised?
  4. How should I use this book?
  5. what else do I need to work with this book?

This book also contains an exercise to solve with the help of which students can revise their idioms. there is a wide range of exercise and answers to these exercises is given at the end of this book.

How to use English idioms for IELTS in use. 

If you want to learn something from this book, then read this book from the first page to last. Learn about what are idioms, and you can use it in your speaking. You can download this pdf from the link given below and print that book from easy reading this.

firstly, learn the first two units of this book, what are idioms and when and how are idioms used. after properly completing these two units you should move forward and slowly complete all topics and revise through exercises. 

About the authors of English idioms for IELTS in use.

The authors of this book are Cambridge. This book is written by Cambridge, and There are many books related to IELTS. The IELTS exam is conducted by Cambridge University. To download more Cambridge books free of cost-share us with your friends.

Download English idioms for IELTS in use:

download  idioms for IELTS this file by clicking on the link below 
  • filename;         Cambridge English idioms for IELTS in use
  •  file size;          9 MB
  • amazon price: 200 rs 

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