House is a basic need for everyone. some prople beleive that free housing should be provided by government for under priviledge and prople who cannot afford to buy a house. Discuss your opinion

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House is a basic need for everyone. some people believe that free housing should be provided by the government for underprivileged and people who cannot afford to buy a house. Discuss your opinion


The global economy has advanced greatly over the past few centuries but still, there are many homeless people around the world. Therefore, some considerate people believe that the regime ought to provide free houses to such unfortunate people. I take the view that even though it is a commendable suggestion still it is almost impossible to implement it.

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To begin with, the supporters give valid reasons to solidify their viewpoint. Firstly, there are millions of people living under extreme poverty and they live in slums. As there are poor hygiene and sanitary conditions, they are vulnerable to water-borne diseases. The kids in such families suffer the most They do not get ambience to study and most of them drop out of their primary schools and start doing some menial jobs to make both ends meet. Hence, from a moral perspective, the regime must provide them dwellings to improve their standard of living

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Nevertheless, constructing a house for every poor family is almost an impossible task for the
government as an extortionate amount of money has to be allocated for this task. In developing countries, the regime usually does not have such surplus money to invest. Hence, in order to collect such money, the regime will have to levy huge taxes on middle-class taxpayers. Consequently, the taxpayers will try their best to evade the taxes which will increase corruption and disbalance the financial situation. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, a more effective way is to make houses affordable for impoverished people. The government must construct affordable houses on the outskirts of the city with only the basic facilities. At a very low-interest rate, the public sector banks can provide loans to the impoverished This will put a less financial burden on the regime and even though it will not totally eradicate this issue, still it can increase the proportion of people who have a house. An
illustration of this scheme can be seen in India where the regime has been trying to curb this
problem using affordable housing schemes since the independence


Having discussed the topic in detail, I would like to conclude that providing free houses is an impractical approach to handle this problem as it can give birth to many other financial problems
Giving basic dwellings to poor at a subsidized price and providing financial assistance at low-interest rates can be a much more effective and rational approach to deal with this.

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