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Well, no one in the world is foolproof. Mistakes are done by every person in the globe, also we learn many things from our blunders. I admit that I have made a lot of mistakes and here would like to talk about a mistake that I have made recently.

Last month my paternal relatives visited our house. All the members of my family welcomed them and they all were very delighted. Actually, they visited our city to attend a marriage party and Alongside they decided to visit us before the marriage celebration.

Uncle and Aunt dressed in very beautiful dresses. Everyone was complimenting their dresses. I went to the kitchen to serve cold drinks. While serving, unfortunately, I slipped and the whole cold drinks were splattered on my aunt’s suit. her dress was ruined by me. Immediately I apologized for this blunder.

My mother began shouting at me. But the aunt was very gracious, she told me that she had another dress and she forgave me for that mistake.

Her nature influenced me a lot because I had never seen such a compassionate person before. After that, she changed her dress and attended the marriage.

So that was the mistake that I made recently.

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