Describe an old person you know and respect

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A perfect sample answer for “Describe an old person you know and respect” 

Well, we all know that old people play a significant role in our society. They are the repository of knowledge and always give commendable suggestions. I know many elderly people and respect them all. Here I would surely talk about my grandfather, the most respectful senior citizen of my hometown.

His name is Manmohan Singh. My grandfather is approximately 85 years old now and he is a well-experienced person. He has a Bachelor. degree and he was a school principal.  I must say with his knowledge and potential he helped that school to grow as the most successful school in the area

He is a novelist and has written a myriad of religious and motivational novels, that have been published in many newspapers and journals. In addition to this, he has vast knowledge about the Sikh religion, and on some special occasions, he often delivers speeches that help the people of the society a lot. People often visit our house to take suggestions from my grandfather.

My grandfather is a very disciplined person and never misses the morning walk. He daily visits Sikh’s shrine and library.he is a member of a non-governmental organization and often donates money to help poor children. I love my grandfather and pray to God to prolong his life.

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