Makkar ielts speaking guesswork June to Aug final version 2020 Download

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Finally the final version of makkar ielts speaking guesswork june to aug has been released and today we are going to discuss it. Also you can download it from the his post.


The makkar ielts speaking guesswork book is a perfect choice for speaking practice. Almost every question in the ielts speaking exam comes from this guesswork. This pdf is written by dr. Kiran Preet Kaur makkar and published by makkar ielts. Dr. kiranpree Kaur makar is well-known for its speaking guesswork and also provides ielts coaching classes. she has a website and youtube channel where she posts various information related to ielts exams.

Makkar ielts speaking guesswork includes:

This book covers all parts of speaking exam. the speaking module in the ielts has 3 parts that are following:

  • Introduction : this contains simple questions for introduction. you have to introduce yourself to the examiner
  • cue-card : This parts contains a speaking topic. you have to speak for 2 minutes on the provided speaking topic.
  • follow-ups questions: in this part you will be asked some questions related to the topic that you had given.

This pdf is really very helpfull. makkar ielts speaking guesswork comes with sample answers to al the speaking topics and questions. so it is very easy to prepare for the speaking exam.

How to use makkar ielts speaking guesswork ?

well after downloading this pdf the next question in front of you is that how to use this pdf to get most out of it. so i am going to guide you the way to use this book.

No doubt, this contains sample answers to all the topics, but that’s not enough.

  • you have to make your own sample answers by picking some ideas. you can also use our sample answers and search for it on youtube.
  • print this pdf to practice
  • making your own answers to the follow-up questions

Download Makkar ielts speaking guesswork june to aug 2020 final version

Click on the download button when it appers:

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