IELTS Band 9 Grammar Secrets pdf: Download & review

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This post is for discussing a book by Cambridge IELTS consultants named IELTS Band 9 Grammar Secrets. I am going to discuss the features and advantages of a book that a student could get by using this book.

Band 9 grammar secrets

This post includes the following things

  • Authors of IELTS Band 9 Grammar Secrets
  • How to use this book
  • What does Band 9 Grammar Secrets Book Includes
  • Download Get Band Nine Grammar Secrets

Authors of IELTS Band 9 Grammar Secrets

This book is published by Cambridge IELTS Consultants, United Kingdom. They are very popular for creating Band 9 IELTS material. There are many other books by Cambridge IELTS Consultants which are very helpful for both Academic and General Training students. Some of those books are mentioned below

How to use this book

This book is specially designed to improve the grammar of students. If you will not do any grammar mistakes in your exam then you will definitely score a good band score. Use the following steps to use his book

  • Download or Purchase this book
  • if you have downloaded it then print this book
  • start reading all the parts
  • Do practice daily
  • use grammar rules in daily speaking

What does Band 9 Grammar Secrets Book Includes

IELTS Band 9 Grammar secrets includes the following table of contents:

  • Introduction from the authors
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Academic English
  • Module 1: (1.1) Structure (1.2) Conjunctions (1.3) Impersonal style
  • Module 2: (2.1) The introduction (2.2) Using conditionals (2.3) Tentative phrases
  • Module 3: (3.1) Concession (3.2) Linking the sentences (3.3) Academic vocab
  • Module 4: (4.1) Paragraph structure (4.2) Using evidence (4.3) Reporting views
  • Module 5: (5.1) Passives (5.2) Complex adjectives (5.3) Cause and effect
  • Module 6: (6.1) Avoiding emotion (6.2) Evaluating evidence (6.3) Noun persons
  • Module 7: (7.1) Rejecting arguments (7.2)Topic-specific vocabulary (7.3) Conclusions
  • Module 8: (8.1) Problems (8.2) Solutions (8.3) Time & probability qualifiers
  • Module 9: (9.1) Presenting disadvantages (9.2) Presenting alternatives (9.3) Collocations
  • Module 10: (10.1) Complex sentences (10.2) Academic phrases (10.3) Balanced conclusions
  • The 10 most common mistakes in IELTS academic writing
  • Help from the experts4

Download Get Band Nine Grammar Secrets

I recommend you to purchase this book from any store, Physical Books are easy to use and understand. if you really want to improe your grammar to achieve Band 9 in the ielts exam then use this book and do practice as much as you can.

However, you can also download the pdf of this book. this pdf will also help you to achieve your desired band score. Click on the download button below when it appears to download this book.

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