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Hello guys, hope you are doing your preparation well. Today I am here with a most demanding book by dr Roma ” success to IELTS”. You can download this book by clicking on the link provided in the last of the post.

succes to ielts by dr roma

About dr. Roma!

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Her full name is Roma Manglani, and she is BJMC, M.A., Ph. D.running her own language training institute. She has an Extensive Teaching experience for various English communication courses and has been an Ex-lecturer at Khalsa College & Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar in the department of English

How to use this book

This book is best for all type of students, even though one can start his journey to IELTS by using this book. each and every aspect of IELTS is clearly explained. This book is mainly about the tips and tricks used in the IELTS exam. so use below steps to use this book

  1. read the introduction by the authors
  2. make a list of vocabulary to revise it daily
  3. try to use the tricks daily
  4. use the vocabulary in speaking

Success to IELTS contains :

Success to IELTS is about tips and tricks used in the IELTS and this book contains techniques to perform reading and listening module. this book contains the following things.

  • Reading Test
    Solved Example Academic
    General Training Reading 2
    IELTS General Training Reading 1 Unsolved
    IELTS General Training Reading 2
    Listening to Test
    Solved Examples
    Writing Test
    Task 1
    Writing Task 1
    Solved Examples of Informal Letter
    Unsolved Examples of Personal: Informal Letter
    Solved Examples of Semiformal Letter
    Unsolved Examples of Semi Formal Letter
    Solved Examples of Formal Letter
    Unsolved Examples of Formal Letter
    Task 2
    Tips and Types
    Common Problems
    Structure of a Good Introduction
    Some Practice Tasks
    Task 2: Spider Chart Practice
    Writing Task Notes
    Polishing Practice Test
    Speaking Test
    Short Questions
    Cue Cards
    Spider Charts
    Clubbing of Cards
    Still, Confused?
    Test Yourself in Writing

Download success to IELTS by dr Roma

i recommend you to purchase this book from a store because physical books are easy to use and understand while the ebooks are distracting and hard to use.

you can download this book by clicking on the link below when it appears !

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