Nowdays many people want to buy famous brands of clothes and other items what are the reason behind this

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Nowadays many people want to buy famous brands of clothes and other items which are the reason behind this



The lifestyle of people has undergone a dramatic change in recent decades. Most individuals have a desire to own luxurious, branded apparel, cars, and other goods. As per my viewpoint, it is counterproductive for society at large. This essay aims to shed light on a few of the causes and demerits of this phenomenon.

Body paragraph 1:

To commence with, the root of this trend is flamboyance. People of the modern world are
Becoming ostentatious and they want to boast about their possessions to earn respect and validation of the society. They click pictures with their belongings and post it on social media. In this way, they want to prove that they are affluent and should be respected. For instance, people can be seen in queues outside Apple stores whenever a new iPhone is released. Then they post the photographs with their new phones on Instagram and Facebook to gain popularity. Besides, another reason is clever marketing gimmicks and
advertisements for big multinational companies. These companies glorify their products by hiring celebrities. As people idolize the celebs, they also want to lay their hands on such products. Moreover, the companies deceive the consumers by using different tactics like Easy monthly instalments and credit card offers. People fall in the trap of such gimmicks and impulsively buy things that they cannot even afford.

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 There are several negative implications of this trend on people. Firstly, they have become materialistic and always think that by buying a specific product, they will achieve happiness. For this, they get credit cards and loans. Then, it becomes a challenging task to repay their debts. Recent research conducted by the International Monetary Fund has revealed that more than sixty
per cent of individuals in developing countries spend more than they earn. Besides, this has also made people more vulnerable to neurological diseases such as stress, anxiety, and depression. When people are not able to buy something they desire, they often get stressed and start hating their financial condition.


Having discussed this topic at length, I would like to conclude that the pretentious nature of humans and the smart marketing tactics of companies are the primary culprits behind this trend. This is making people materialistic and debt-ridden, so it is a negative phenomenon for society as a whole

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