Makkar ielts reading book pdf: volume 2

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Hello friends, in this post I have uploaded the Makkar IELTS reading volume 2.

This the second version of the makkar readings. This book contains 20 academic IELTS readings. 
Makkar ielts reading book pdf volume 2

Introduction to IELTS reading


Reading is a task in which you have to fully concentrate on the passages. To score good marks in reading try to understand the meaning of the passage and find the answer simultaneously. Note that all the tricks to perform a reading are useless if you don’t focus. Try to find the meanings of unknown words and make a list of them, try these words in your writing and speaking. IELTS readings contain a myriad of academic vocabulary, you can learn many new words from reading which will help you to improve your speaking and writing.

About the author of makkar IELTS reading:

This book is written by dr Kiran Preet Kaur Makkar and published by Makkar publishing house Mohali. There are two versions of makkar IELTS reading: volume 1 and volume 2. This is the second volume and if you want to download volume 1 click here.

Makkar IELTS reading volume 2 includes:

Volume 1 contains the first 20 IELTS academic readings and volume 2 contains next 20 IELTS academic readings. First pages include a general introduction to IELTS reading like types of questions in IELTS reading and purpose of IELTS reading exam and marking scheme of IELTS reading exam.

There are a total of 13 types of questions in the IELTS reading exam and makkar IELTS reading book covers all of these questions. Types of IELTS reading questions are mentioned below:

  1. Multiple choices questions 
  2. True/False/Not given
  3. Yes/no/Not given
  4. Matching information
  5. Matching paragraph headings
  6. Matching sentence endings
  7. Sentence completion
  8. Table completion
  9. Diagram completion
  10. Flow chart completion
  11. Summary completion
  12. Short answer questions
  13. Choosing a title
Apart from that Makkar IELTS reading book contains answers to all these questions.

.You can download this pdf by clicking on the link below you can print this pdf and start practice. 


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