Makkar IELTS academic readings volume 1, download pdf

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Makkar IELTS academic readings volume 1, download pdf

  Download now! Makkar IELTS academic readings book is one of the best books to practice academic readings.


Hello friends, if you are an IELTS aspirant and want to score a good band score in this exam then you have to do a lot of arduous work. you know the IELTS exam has four modules and reading is a back-breaking task for many learners. reading requires a lot of dedication and focus. material by makkar IELTS is very helpful for students and most of the IELTS exam comes from makkar books. there are a lot of books on IELTS by makkar IELTS for all modules and for academic and general students. and here I am going to talk about the makkar reading volume 1.

About the author of makkar IELTS reading:

makkar IELTS academic reading book is written by dr Kiran Preet Kaur makkar and published by makkar publishing house. There are books on each module of IELTS and these books are really beneficial for IELTS students. dr Kiran Preet Kaur makkar is a doctor and she has a channel on youtube. she is very famous for her speaking guesswork and always speaking cue-cards come from their guesswork.

Makkar academic IELTS readings contain

This is the first volume of makkar IELTS academic readings and this book contains 20 IELTS academic readings. moreover, each reading has three paragraphs and you have to solve one reading in one hour. at the end of each paragraph, here is exercise and questions of different types. Apart from that, his book includes answers to all the readings

How to use makkar IELTS academic reading:

If you really want to practice then purchase a hard copy of this book from Amazon or from the makkar official website. it is very difficult to do practice from an ebook because it requires a lot of concentration. So, complete all these paragraphs one by one and then purchase the 2nd volume of this book. you can download a soft copy of this book from the link given below


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