Monday, January 6, 2020

cue-card : Describe one of your family members you spend the most time with, sample answer

Well, family members are valuable to everyone. Some people live in nuclear families and many in collective families. I consider myself very fortunate that I live in a joint family, and there are six members in my family.

Even though all my family members are my confidante, but my elder brother is very intimate to me. His name is " Harman." and he is a learner at a prestigious college in my city.

Moreover, Harman is an excellent humorous. Whenever I spend some time with him, he cracked many funny jokes and never let me feel bore. That's perhaps the reason why he is my beloved among my family members.

Also, He is a stellar student and performs very well in academics. During his school days, he used to pass with flying colours, and his majors were physics chemistry and maths. I also have chosen these subjects, and I often take his assistance in my homework. 

Additionally, we are both travelling enthusiasts, and during the holidays, we always plan to visit some places to spend our vacations concurrently. Recently, we visited the beautiful city Chandigarh jointly and did a lot of joy.

Overall, my elder brother Harman is a person with whom I spend most of the time, and he assists me in my studies and never allows me to realize bore.

Thanks for reading. Please comment below for any questions.


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