Cue Card: Talk About an Interesting conversation that you had

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I have had many conversations in my entire l.  Some were on the phone, and some were face to face.  Here  I  am going to talk about a  conversation which  I  had with my friend, and it was fascinating. 

 Two months ago,  I  met my old friend, kawal.  In those days she had come from  Australia on holidays.  She came to visit me, and we chatted with each other for two hours. When I  asked her about her studies in  Australia,  she told me that the quality of education is outstanding there. When she said to me that in  Australia both practical, as well as imaginative ways, are used to teach the students, I  became curious about that country.  

Kawal said to me that initially she faced some food problems, but now she has become habitual and comfortable there.  I  was amazed to hear that most of the students in  Australia earn by doing a part-time job. She too did a  job at a  restaurant and managed her fees and living expenses. She painted a  rosy picture of  Australia in front of me. That talk has influenced me a  lot and became a  turning point in my life, 

so  I  decided to get enrollment and do my graduation in  Australia.  By doing a part-time job, I  will manage my finances and won’t become a  burden for my parents.  My friend has offered to help me if I go there she will also help me in finding an excellent part-time job. Am glad that  I  had that exciting talk with my friend that changed my life.

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