Barron’s essential words for the ielts: buy at a very high discount

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How to use Barron’s essential words for IELTS to score 7+ bands in the IELTS exam.

Welcome guys, hope you are continuing your IELTS practice with us. we are discussing the best IELTS vocabulary book to improve our English language. Barron’s essential words for the IELTS is one of the best IELTS vocabulary books. Today’s we are going to discuss some of the features of this book and how we can use this book to score 7+ bands in the IELTS speaking and writing module.

About Barron’s IELTS: 

Barron’s IELTS, a publisher of books is very famous for publishing books for college entrance exams like IELTS. TOEFL etc. The material published by Barron is very helpful for the students and credible. Barron published many books on the IELTS and all the books are good to practice the IELTS exam. Here is the list of all books published by Barron’s IELTS.

Author of Barron’s essential words for the IELTS.

The author of this book is DR. Lin Lougheed. he is universally recognized as the leading authority in the test preparation. he started his career in 1968 and worked in many educational institutions. In 1983, he founded Instructional Design International, Inc. to develop English teaching materials in all media.

What does this book include?

This book is comprehensive and contains all important words that are essential for the ielts exam. this book covers all important topics for the IELTS writing module. This book includes the following things:

  • Introduction: Vocabulary and the IELTS 1 IELTS Study Contract, Self- Study Activities, How to Use This Book 
  • Unit 1: The Natural World, Environmental Impacts of Logging, Bird Migration, Plant Life In the Taklimakan Desert  
  • Unit 2:  Leisure Time, Peripheral Vision in Sports, History of the Circus, Uses of Leisure Time 
  • Unit 3: Transportation First Headlamps, Major Subways of Europe, Electric Cars Around the Globe 
  • Unit 4: Culture Origins of Writing Hula, Dancing In Hawaiian Culture, The Art of Mime  
  • Unit 5: Health,  Nurse Migration,  Aerobic Exercise, and Brain Health, How Drugs Are Studied 
  • Unit 6: Tourism,  Hiking the Inca Trail,  What Is Ecotourism? Learning Vacations 
  • Unit 7: Business,  What Makes a Small Business Successful?,  Brand Loyalty Global Outsourcing 
  • Unit 8: Society Social Networking,  Why Are Women Leaving Science Careers?  Wheelchair-Accessibility Issues
  • Unit 9: Education,  Learning Styles,  The Homeschool Option Educating the Gifted  
  • Unit 10: Technology /Inventions  The Development of the Lightbulb  The Invention of Variable-Pitch Propellers The Transatlantic Cable 
  • Appendix Answer Key Audio scripts 

How to use this book to achieve 7+ bands in the IELTS exam

It is impossible to cover all the important English words in one book. so students should use the below methods to learn vocabulary easily.

  • Make a list of difficult words and try to revise and remember them by using them in your daily life.
  • speak n English with your colleagues, peers and friends
  • watch movies in English with subtitles
  • read the news in English to learn new vocabulary words.

Purchase or download Barron’s essential English words for IELTS:

Purchase a hard copy of this book, you will be given a cd to practice listening of words. physical copies are easy to use and we can learn vocabulary more easily with the physical books. Buy this book from the link below to get a discount.
Moreover, you can also download this book from the links below:

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