Cambridge IELTS 15 for General Training students: Download (pdf+audio)

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Hello, students welcome back to IELTSBID For the latest ielts material, and today we are here with the latest book by Cambridge university press. This book is for General training students and the name of this book Cambridge IELTS 15. lets review and discuss this book and you can also download this book from the links given below.

About This book

This book is recently published by Cambridge university press and also this book is highly demanded. Apart from that, this book is costly and many students are unable to purchase this book. so I decided to share a copy of this book with audio files. Practice tests by Cambridge are always unique and follow the latest pattern of the IELTS exam. with the help of this book, you can easily understand the concepts of the IELTS exam with any problem.

Cambridge ielts 15 General includes?

There are a total of 10 parts in this book out of them, 4 are practice tests and 4 are sample answers and rest are following:

  1. introduction
  2. Test 1
  3. Test 2
  4. Test 3
  5. Audio scripts
  6. Listening and reading answers keys
  7. Sample writing answers
  8. Sample answer sheets
  9. Acknowledgment

This book comes up with a dvd, which contains audio files to all the listening tests.

Get Cambridge ielts 15 general

No doubt that Cambridge ielts general is little costly but i recommend you to purchase this book from any store. physical books are best to prepare for exams and easy to use and understand. if you are a teacher and want to use this book then purchase this book from the link below you will get extra benefit here.

but if you are not able to purchade this book and you need this book. so use the links below to download the pdf and audio. these books might be edited. so download them on your own risk.

If you are facing problem while downloading the files then please watch the video below

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