4000 Essential English Words: Download All Books in one tap

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Complete Package of 4000 essential English words books is here: Download them one by one

  if you are facing problems in improving your vocabulary then this post might be very helpful to you. Vocabulary is very important to achieve a good band score in the IELTS exam. Learning new words is very difficult but you can learn 4000 new words using this 4000 essential English word book series. Here you can download all parts of this book. Let’s discuss some information regarding this book series.


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Paul Nation is a leading Language teacher and linguist researcher in America. He has taught in Indonesia, Thailand, the United States, Finland, and Japan. He is an Emeritus Professor in the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.[1] The nation was featured on the BBC News along with John Read in an article entitled How many words do you need to speak a language

These books Contain:

this book series has a total of 6 parts. Each book contains different words of different difficulty levels. All this book contains a total of 4000 English words that are very essential for the IELTS writing and speaking module. That’s why these books name is 4000 essential English words. Each part contains 600 words that are explained by images and illustrations. Apart from that exercise is also included in the book to practice the words. Students can use these books without the help of teachers because these books are made for self-study.

Download in just one tap.

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Download 4000 essential English words books in one tap. I have given the links below. Click on the book you want to download and it will redirect you to the download page. 

 So above mentioned books are very helpful to improve your English vocabulary. Download these books and share them with your friends so that they also take the benefit of these books.

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