Top Five Best IELTS books: Review & Download

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Top Five Best IELTS books: Review & Download 

Due to the extensive Collection and Availability of IELTS practice material and books, it has become complicated for the students to choose the right content. Selecting the correct papers or practice material is as vital as doing hard to Guide students in selecting the reliable and best stuff, I am going to write this post. Here I am going to discuss The best five books for IELTS practice and how theses best IELTS books help you to achieve your desired band score.

I have discussed all the books in the following paragraphs. Read it carefully and choose one of the best papers from the below list.    List of Best IELTS books :

1. Official Cambridge Guide to the IELTS : 

official Cambridge guide to IELTS
TitleThe Official Cambridge Guide To Ielts Student’s Book With Answers With Dvd Rom
First published2014
AuthorsPauline Cullen, Vanessa Jakeman, Amanda French

Books published by the Cambridge University are great and very helpful in practicing the IELTS exam. Even though there are many other books by Cambridge, but official Cambridge guide to the IELTS is Comprehensive and in high demand. Due to its comprehensive coverage and vast practice examples, this book is essential for IELTS students.

Authors :

 Vanessa Jakeman

 Vanessa Jakeman is an IELTS trainer; She is working at the University of Cambridge. She has been an EFL teacher for seven years and has been working in university of Cambridge press since 1994

 Amanda French

 Amanda French also has equal credit in the official Cambridge guide to the IELTS. She has written many books on the IELTS modules. 

Pauline Cullen

Pauline Cullen Was an avid language learner at high school. She was researching every language proposed – French, Spanish, and Russian. At Sheffield University, She finished a Joint Honours degree in French and Spanish, followed by a PGCE. In 1985


I mentioned that this book is comprehensive. This book includes eight unites for reading, writing, and listening modules and six units for speaking modules. This book comes with a DVD, which contains audio scripts and video lessons. 

I recommend you to purchase this book, and it is the best book for the IELTS exam. To download this book,

2.Target Band seven: Academic

2.Target Band seven: Academic
TitleTarget Band 7: IELTS Academic Module – How to Maximize Your Score (Third Edition)
First published2015
AuthorsSimon Braverman

The second-best book to practice the IELTS exam is Target seven bands by SimonBraverman. The best thing about this book is that students with no-knowledge of IELTS can use this and get the desired band score. This book is the third edition of the Target band seven books. If you are new to IELTS and want to know all about the IELTS exam and preparation, then this book suits best to you.     


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Simon Braverman

Simon Braverman writes this book. She is the founder of She helps busy people to improve their English and also help students to achieve their desired band score. She has written many books and her other famous book is Ace of the IELTS.   


Target band seven, by Simon Braverman, is also a Comprehensive book. This book contains each and everything about the IELTS exam. The best thing about this book is that One can start IELTS practice from scratch with the help of this book. Knowledge regarding pattern, band score, writing, reading, vocabulary, listening, and other vital concepts are discussed in this book. Strategies and tricks to solve IELTS modules and to perform the IELTS exam are crucial, and the author has mentioned all of them. This book is easy to understand.

Table of contents: 

Below, I have mentioned the primary table of contents. There are many sub contents, but I have discussed only the primary materials.

  • The IELTS routine
  • Tips for reading test
  • Tips for writing task 1 and task 2 
  • Tips for speaking test
  • practice tests
  • Answers

3.IELTS success formula

  If you are a beginner in the IELTS exam and does not know any module of the IELTS exam. Then this book may be proved helpful for you.ielts success formula for the academic module is the complete practical guide to a top IELTS score. IELTS success formula is not only a book; it is a success formula with the help of it; anyone can achieve their desired band score. 

  • suits busy people and don’t require a long time to read
  • learn how to avoid distractions, problems, and mistakes
3.IELTS success formula
TitleIELTS Success Formula Academic: The Complete Practical Guide to a Top IELTS Score
First published2012
AuthorsSimone Braverman, Stephen Slater

Authors and publishers:

this book is written by two famous writers of the IELTS books, Stephen slater, and Simon Braverman, and published by one side paper publishers, Australia.

Simon Braverman

Simon Braverman has taken the IELTS exam and has contributed years since helping others in obtaining excellent results. She is also the creation of a world-renowned website    

Stephen slater


Stephen slater is a highly experienced language teacher and IELTS textbook author. He is also a former university professor with comprehensive experience of IELTS across more than 20 years.



IELTS sauces formula includes the following materials:

  1. IELTS listening: in this section, you learn lessons and strategies to listen to audio, and it also contains fitness activities that offer you quick practice.
  2. IELTS Reading: IELTS reading section also includes lessons and fitness activities
  3. IELTS writing; in this section, you can master the IELTS writing module by completing the lessons and fitness activities of task 1 and task 2.
  4. IELTS writing doctor: This section contains grammar and vocabulary or all IELTS modules
  5. The rest of the contents are IELTS speaking and practice tests, which are for practice.

4.Cambridge 11 self-study pack

Cambridge book series is vital for IELTS preparation, but the eleventh version of them is highly recommended. An official practice test that is a copy of the official IELTS exam test is given in this book. Understand the original pattern of the IELTS exam with the help of this book. This book offers perfect practice because the practice tests are exactly like real tests.

4.Cambridge 11 self-study pack
TitleCambridge IELTS 11
Academic Student’s Book with Answers   Authentic Examination Papers
First published2016

Table of contents:

  Cambridge English IELTS 11 is available for both Academic and GT students. This book is only for practice, and it contains practice tests to practice all the modules of the IELTS exam. One can quickly familiarize the whole pattern.   

  • Contains four authentic practice test with the answers to check their scores.
  • Contains sample answers for the speaking and writing module for exam practice
  • includes the full introduction to all the blades of the IELTS exam along with the marking scheme.
  • It also contains typescripts of audio to practice the listening module.

5.IELTS Practice test plus 2 

The last book in the list of best IELTS books is IELTS practice test plus 2. this book teaches you like a teacher, it doesn’t only contains practice test but also contains lessons to fully understand the IELTS exam. This book is also comprehensive and covers all the modules with a full explanation of each and everything.  

5.IELTS Practice test plus 2
TitleIELTS practice test plus 2
First published
AuthorsMorgan Terry, judith Wilson


Morgan Terry and Judit Wilson are the authors of this book. apart from that Pearson education limited publishers published this book.   for GT students
Makkar IELTS GT essays and letters

Morgan Terry

Morgan terry is a well-known writer and IELTS educator. she has written so many books on the IELTS. terry has spent may years in teaching as she is highly experienced.

Judith Wilson

Judith Wilson worked overseas teaching English in France, Zambia and Saudi Arabia for 15 years before returning to England to live in Cambridge. 


Due to the following things this book is in great demand. let’s take a look at these.

  • a full introduction to the exam
  • strategies and tips
  • assessing your writing guide
  • The key academic vocabulary section

table of contents of this book have been mentioned below;

  1. Introduction to the IELTS: this contains the band nine scales and overview of all IELTS modules
  2. 6 tests for IELTS practice
  3. general training tests
  4. assessing your writing
  5. vocabulary pages
  6. Answer keys
  7. tapescripts

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