Describe a situation when you were not allowed to use your mobile phone, sample answer

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Describe a situation when you were not allowed to use your cell phone
• Where were you?
• When was it?
• Why were you not allowed?
• What did you want to do with your cell phone?

Sample answer 1

  Well, I am a technophile and love using gadgets and gizmos. Presently mobile phones have become the necessity of a person. Every day, we use our smartphones for various objectives, and sometimes we are forbidden to use our smartphone. Here I would inevitably talk about a time when I  was not allowed to use my mobile.    Actually, in the last summer vacation, my paternal uncle visited us with his family. We all were very delighted. At that time, we decided to visit a famous museum in our city. This museum has treasured essential antiques of Sikh history. I booked the tickets and reached the museum at 9 am.    I was not aware that mobile phones were restricted inside the museum because I had never visited that museum before. We all submitted our cellphones and entered the museum. The museum was full of sculptures and beautiful artifacts, I was eagerly yearned to click some photographs but, at that time my mobile phone was not with me.   After roaming the whole museum, we sat together in a garden and started conversations with each other. I felt very relaxed to spend some quality time with my family members without any distractions. Even though I was not able to click photographs, but it was a blissful experience.   When I got my mobile back, I was stunned to see too many missed calls and notifications. We all are excessively immersed in our mobile phones and have forgotten about our family. So we should use our mobile phone wisely so that we could give some moments to our family.  

Sample answer 2

  Well, these days mobile phones have become part and parcel of our lives, and most people find it quite inconvenient when they are stopped from using them. I would like to share one such experience when I was not allowed to use my mobile phone, and this incident took place a month ago   Actually, I was riding my motorbike and was heading towards the market, and on the road leading towards the market, there was a police check. Just like another motorist, one of the police officers stopped mine as well. It was just a routine check since I Always keep all the essential documents, just like vehicle registration, driving li insurance documents, and others in a pouch in my vehicle itself.   So, I was not worried at all when he stopped me. The officer approached me and ordered me to show the documents. I simply opened the pouch in which I keep the records and got surprised to see them missing. At this, I realized that while washing my vehicle a day before, I took out the document but forgot to place them back. So, I immediately took my mobile out of my pocket to call my brother to bring the documents. But the police officer stopped me from using my mobile. He said that you a not allowed to use a mobile phone, you have to show the documents I narrated the entire story   But, the officer abruptly snatched my cell phone and handed it over to the higher officer. I plead the officer to please return the mobile. But, he said if you do not carry the documents you have to the fine and as per the law, he can’t allow me to use the mobile phone.   Since I had no other option than accepting the ticket but, I was really disappointed with the behavior and attitude of the police officer, who didn’t listen to me at all and allowed me to make use of the mobile phone. Important cue cards


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