Talk About a Time when You Borrowed Something, CUE Card , Ieltsbid

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Sample Answer 

“Well, I generally avoid borrowing things from others and try to manage on my own, but here I would like to share one such
experience of borrowing thing that I had recently,

The thing is that last month I was playing cricket with my friends
and unfortunately, my mobile phone slipped out of my pocket,
and the screen of my mobile got shattered, Immediately I took my mobile to the repair centre and after that checking it for some time, the executive said it would take around 7-10 days to repair and fix the screen of this mobile, I really got disappointed to hear that, because it was complicated for me to manage without a mobile for a week time, at that time I decided to take the help of my
friend Harpreet,

He is in the habit of frequently changing mobile phones, the very
the same day I visited him, and I told him about my problem and without any hesitation, he agreed to lend his spare mobile phone to me for a week time so that I could use it in the absence of my mobile phone

Though it was not having all the features that my phone was having
but it was still good enough for me to stay in contact with family and keep on checking my social accounts

finally, the day arrived when my mobile got repaired and I collected it and in the evening I visited Harpreet’s house
once again with a small gift as a goodwill gesture to say thanks to him and returned his mobile phone,

I was grateful to him for helping me in such a critical time and he was happy to get his thing back in time and intact,

So overall it was an experience that I had lately of borrowing something from my friend.”

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