Oxford: ielts General reading and writing

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Hello students, today I am here for those students who are preparing for IELTS general exam. we all know that IELTS exam has two versions IELTS academic and IELTS general exam. both are mostly similar with some differences. today I am going to upload a new book for IELTS general students and this book will help you to improve your IELTS general reading and IELTS general writing. the name of this book is Oxford IELTS Reading and Writing.

IELTS Preparation & Practice Reading & Writing General Training Students Book Paperback – Import, 19 Nov 2015

About the author of this book(IELTS general reading and IELTS general writing)

this book is written by DENIES YOUNG, NEILANE LIEW AND BRIDGET AUCOIN  and the name of consulting editor is WENDY SAHANAYA. this book is based on IELTS general reading and IELTS general writing and published by oxford.

what does this book include;

this book is designed for IELTS general training students. students can do practice for their IELTS general reading module as well as IELTS general writing module. this book is divided into two parts, the IELTS general reading part and the IELTS general writing part. part one contains 5 units that are related to IELTS general reading ad part two includes total of 12 units that are related to IELTS general writing. apart from that, this book includes Answers to all the units on the last pages.

How to use this book:

As I mentioned earlier that this book is divided into two parts the part one is for IELTS general reading and the second part is for IELTS general writing. Students are supposed to do practice simultaneously. complete all units slowly and make a list of unknown words and try to find meaning if them. after that use these words in your speaking and writing module.

How to get this book 

1.purchase it now

well, you can purchase this book from many e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. I recommend purchasing a hard copy of this book so that you can do practice easily as soft copies are difficult to read as while reading from gadgets we could come across many notifications that may distract us from learning.

see the links below to purchase this book:

2.Download a soft copy  of this book :

the second method to get this book is to download a ebook of this ebooks are good but very hard to read. you can use below links to download it. 

warning download this on your own risk as it might contain harmful malware which might be harmful to your device 

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