Official IELTS practice material 1 free download

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 Official IELTS practice material 1: review and Download

hello guys,    As we all know that the IELTS exam requires a lot of practice and hard work to achieve a good band score. we cannot do our practice without a good IELTS material. there are four modules in the IELTS exam and each module requires different IELTS material to do the practice. there are many books by many official publishers to practice. but official IELTS practice material is one of the best books to do practice for all modules of the IELTS exam.   Also download: Cambridge 1 to 14 books

why official IELTS practice material?

  well, as I mentioned earlier that there are myriad of other books to do the practice of the IELTS exam but why we must use official IELTS practice material to do our practice. because this book is written by official IELTS partners of Cambridge university with years of experience and Cambridge ESOL examiners. this book is designed according to IELTS exam and one can easily understand the pattern of the IELTS exam by using this book.

Official IELTS practice material

What does the official IELTS practice book include:

  This book has two versions and this book is the first version of official IELTS practice material. this book is comprehensive and includes practice material for all the modules of the IELTS exam. this book contains practice test for IELTS speaking, IELTS Reading, IELTS Writing and IELTS listings. this book comes with a DVD which contains audio of listenings. you are supposed to use headphones while the listening exam. there is a total of 26 pages in the version one of this book.  Download: IELTS general reading and writing oxford

How to get official IELTS practice material 1:

  well, you have two options to get this book. the first one is to purchase and order this book from the links given below. if you really want to practice this the purchase it because you will get the latest and updated version of this book and it is easy to do practice on tangible books rather than ebooks.    purchase this now!   The second option is to download a soft copy of this book and do practice it. it is very difficult to do practice on ebooks and very hard to concentrate.   You have to wait 15 seconds. Download Timer

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