Ieltsliz: ideas for IELTS essays download ebook

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Ieltsliz: ideas for IELTS essays


  Well, writing is one of the toughest modules of the IELTS exam. Writing requires a wide range of vocabulary and ideas on different topics that are prevalent in the world. Writing includes task 1 and task 2. In task 1 you will be given a graph or diagram and you have to write about 150 words in 20 minutes whereas in task 2 you will be provided with a topic and you have to write 250 words in 40 minutes. Task 1 is easy as compared to task 2, so you have to do more practice for task 2 and this book will help you to learn new ideas.  

About the author of this Ieltsliz: ideas for IELTS essays.

This book is written by Elizabeth(Liz). She is an experienced IELTS teacher and the author of the website she completed her IELTS examiner training in 2008

What does this Ieltsliz: ideas for IELTS essays include?

AS I mentioned earlier this book is about task 2 of IELTS Writing. this book includes ideas on different topics of writing task 2. these ideas are very useful for IELTS students. This book also includes important Vocabulary with ideas of 150 task 2 topics. this book is comprehensive and covers all important task 2 writing topics. the third page of this book contains a message from the author and all students should read this message carefully before starting the book.    Apart from that, this book includes ideas on different topics alphabetically. Topics that are included in this book are mentioned below:  

  1. Advertising 
  2. Animals
  3. Art 
  4. Buildings & Housing
  5. Business
  6. Character and people
  7. Crime and Punishments 
  8. Economy and Money
  9. Education
  10. Environment 
  11. Family
  12. Food 
  13. Health 
  14. Internet and computers
  15. Language 
  16. Internet and computers
  17. Language 
  18. leisure
  19. media and Tv
  20. music
  21. news
  22. reading and Books
  23. Society
  24. space Exploration
  25. sports and exercise
  26. technology
  27. tourism
  28. transport
  29. water
  30. work

These upper mentioned Topics are included in this book with exercise for practising purposes.  

How to use this book

if you really want to learn something from this book then buy a hard copy of this book. start reading this book from the first page and slowly read all pages. try to use these words in your daily essays and also use these in speaking. Don’t forget to review these words before going to bed.  

How to get  Ieltsliz: ideas for IELTS essays

To read this book, I recommend purchasing this book an e-commerce website like Amazon or Flipkart. But you can download a soft copy of this book By clicking on the link below.    

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