Cue-card: Describe an important journey that was delayed, sample answer

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2 Sample Answer for describing an important journey that was delayed with follow up questions:

In this post, I have uploaded two perfect sample answers for a new IELTS speaking topic with follow-up questions. At the end of the 2nd sample answer, there is a link to the 3rd sample answer.

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Sample Answers:

IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe an important journey that was delayed.

  •  Why was it important? 
  • What caused the delay? 
  • What happened at the end? 
  • Describe what caused the delay

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Sample answer 2

Well, I am a traveling enthusiast. I have had made many trips in my life and mostly they finished according to my schedule. But some of our journeys get delayed in dense circumstances. Similar happened to me recently, and here I would like to talk about that journey.

 Actually, last month I applied for a passport and I chose an appointment for passport verification at Amritsar because my city doesn’t have any passport verification Center. My authorization was on the next day after the application. So it was very vital for me to reach at the provided time.
So I scheduled the journey and took the bus at 5 a.m. my brother accompanied me.

Everything was getting on the right but after traveling some distance, our bus began producing honking sound and immediately stopped. Everyone on the bus was astonished. We asked the bus conductor and he explained that the bus engine had broken down I was confused about what to do, we abandoned the bus and started searching for another vehicle. The driver of our bus was struggling to start the bus and finally, after waiting for 1 hour the driver was succeeded and the bus was started working.

 We reached Amritsar bus station at 11 am. But my appointment was at 10.30 am. I was frustrated and confused, then my brother suggested me to visit the passport Center. We did the same and explained all to the manager. He recommended us wait for some time and after half an hour my verification process was initiated and it took me 3 hours at the passport center. Finally, all the process finished and I was delighted. Overall, that was one of my essential journeys that were hindered by an unexpected incident.

Sample answer 1 By KB Ielts 

I personally believe that everyone should spare time to EXPLORE different places. Even my family loves to do so. Once a year, we all make a plan to visit new places. This year we planned to visit all RENOWNED Sikh religious places if Punjab. We all were really DELIGHTED to visit there. We decided to cover the distance by car. This was in the month of July and it was a really important journey for us because we all family members usually remain busy in our work most of the time.

Only in the month of July, everyone gets some free time to enjoy properly with family members. Moreover, at the end of July, my brother was moving abroad for higher studies. We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to spend that precious time together because my brother would be away for at least three years. The journey started at CRACK OF DAWN. We decided to visit “Sri Anandpur Sahib” at first. Suddenly, our car stopped working 7km away from our destination. Even though my father has proper knowledge about how to handle a car break down, that day it was really hard for him to find the problem.

At last, he googled about nearby mechanics, and luckily there was a repair shop STONE’S THROW AWAY from that place. Still, it took 1 hour to solve the issue. Just after 3 km from there, we got to know that there was work under construction and we had to travel by alternative path. That means spending an extra 3 hours to reach our destination which was not a good idea. My brother really wanted to take a blessing from “Gurudwara Sahib” before moving abroad. Besides this, my grandfather wanted to take us there so that we keep connected with our roots. If we continued the journey, it would have been really tiring for my father to drive. However, we decided to visit only one Sikh religious place that day. Everyone agreed with this decision. As we reached really late in the evening, we decided to stay there for a night. Still, we all were happy that we enjoyed that day even after our journey delayed.

Follow up Questions

1. What mode of travel do you consider the safest?

 Traveling by car is no more the safest means of travel due to the increasing number of road accidents. I consider the train journey as the safest and I prefer traveling long distances by train.

 2. How do people travel long distances in your country?

 In India, most people prefer traveling long distances by train. Because trains are economical and safest means of transport. However, rich people use air transport for long distances.

 3. How can traveling be useful to people? What do you think people can learn by traveling to other countries?

 Traveling is useful in many ways. First, it’s one of the best ways to meet new people and make friends. Secondly, it enables us to learn about new cultures and traditions. Travelling also in a way breaks the monotony of everyday life. There is something very enjoyable about planning a holiday and visiting other places.

 4. Where, in our opinion, should people visit during the vacations? What type of places do you recommend people to visit during vacations?

 I have thought about it a lot. I think people should take holidays at a place, which is different from their own native place. For example, I live in the plains, so I love traveling to the hills and mountains. People who live in continental locations can visit the beaches. Ultimately though, it all depends upon people‚Äôs choice.

 5. In what ways can society benefit from such members?

 I believe there are several ways a society can benefit from such members. Firstly, regular travelers can make society more open-minded by spreading knowledge about other cultures. It also builds curiosity among other members of society to travel. Finally, sometimes when these travelers like something about other cultures, they might bring it to their native place as well

. 6. How do you think commercial flights can improve?

 I think the biggest issue with commercial flights today is the lack of leg space, which makes it very tiring to travel. In fact, sometimes after long journeys all I can think about is lying down and sleeping on a bed for hours. Moreover, I think the food prices in aircraft are really exorbitant and I wish these prices are made more reasonable.