Practical IELTS strategies: writing task one pdf download

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Practical IELTS strategies: writing task one 

  Learners, As we all remember that The Ielts writing module has two categories, writing task one and writing task 2. There are several varieties of vocabulary utilized in both parts. Writing task one requires the proficiency of the various words and regulations of grammar. Practice IELTS strategies writing task one is specially designed for writing task one and one can master writing task one module with the assistance of this book.

About the authors of practical IELTS strategies.

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Collins Grammar for IELTS   This novelist of this book is Andrew Guilfoyle. This book is disseminated by Bookman books and editor if this book is Lyne Sauve. There are numerous other books of practical IELTS strategies. These books are one among the most effective books to practice IELTS and to know the essential and advanced concepts of the IELTS exams.   Important cue-cards

What does this book include?

  well, this book is comprehensive and incorporates all the details of the writing task one among the IELTS exam. this edition has a total of 206 pages and first few pages include the overall introduction to the book and therefore the writer. then this book is split into six parts and every part contains diverse sections. the index of this book is provided below:

  1. fundamental tips: this a part of the book has some crucial tips for the writing task one essay and therefore the detailed guide of the way to perform the task has given.
  2. varying the words: this includes some tips to write down the body of the task and the way many words you’ll write in the essay.
  3. grammar tips: here you’ll learn tips associated with the grammar and which rules of grammar are utilized in the writing task one. 
  4. tips for a selected table: here you’ll find out how to perform a selected table sort of a chart, bar graph, diagram etc and vocabulary associated with different charts is provided.
  5. finishing of: here you’ll find out how to finish the essay
  6. bringing it all together: this includes the summary of all the parts and a few tips to write down the task one.

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how to get practical strategies writing task one:

    you can get practical IELTS strategies writing task one by two methods.

  1. buy this book: I like to recommend you get this book to try and do to practice and to grasp the concepts of the writing task one. tangible books are best to read and understand and it’s very difficult to focus on the ebooks. purchase this from the link below to gt at a discount rate

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  1. Download a soft copy: the second method to urge this book is to download it from the link provided below, this is often the scanned copy and you’ll face difficulties while reading because this book might b edited. if you are facing a problem while downloading this file then please watch the video below!!!!!

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