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Makkar ielts graphs from past exams 2020 free download

 Download Makkar graphs from past exams ebook

Makkar ielts graphs from past exams
Makkar ielts graphs from past exams

Here, I uploaded the latest version of Makkar graphs from past exams. This book helps you to learn how to write task 1 in the academic module. This book is comprehensive and includes a wide variety of vocabulary. However, writing task 1 is not too difficult as writing task 2 but one needs to learn all the rules related to writing in order to achieve a good band score in the IELTS exam. this book is best to learn all writing task 1 rules and important vocabulary. 

About the authors of Makkar Ielts graphs from past exams;

well, this book is written by dr Kiran Preet Kaur makkar and published by makkar publishing house. there are many books related to all modules of IELTS. you can purchase her books online from different e-commerce websites 

Makkar IELTS graphs from past exams cover:

This book is for writing task 1 and includes all types of task. There is a total of 167 Solved Graphs that are from past IELTS exams. makkar IELTS graphs from past exams cover all types of task 1 topics. there are about 8 types of graphs in the IELTS exam that are mentioned below :

  1. Line graph
  2. A bar chart or colour graph
  3. Pie chart 
  4. Table 
  5. Multiple charts 
  6. Process or cycle 
  7. Describing objects
  8. Map
Apart from that this book also includes four types of vocabulary which are important for writing task 1. this book covers Linegraph Vocabulary, percentage vocabulary, process vocabulary and maps vocabulary.

guide to writing task1 :

Moreover, This book explains how to write writing task 1 in the proper manner to achieve a good band score. the author of this book has explained how to use active and passive voices in writing task 1 and which type of sentences should we use to write an errorless writing task 1.

How to use this book:

According to me the best way to use this book is to purchase a tangible copy of this book because we can learn easily from tangible books. Ebooks are difficult to read and it is very difficult to concentrate on ebooks. purchase this book from anywhere and start reading it by carefully reading all aspects of this book containing introduction. slowly complete all essays one by one and make a list of Vocabulary used and try to use these words in your daily life.

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